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Security Service

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Remote monitoring is an effective economical security solution which provides peace of mind and reassurance that staff and property are in safe hands. Titan Global Security & Shipping Solutions’ remote monitoring solution links CCTV systems directly to professionally trained staff in monitoring stations allowing round-the-clock surveillance and monitoring of premises.

Trained operatives can alert emergency services or initiate other procedures, as required, ensuring a swift and appropriate response to any situation. Using digital technology, Titan Global Security & Shipping Solutions CCTV systems are among the very best and most reliable camera systems available. We work with clients to identify security needs, meet objectives, and develop systems to answer them. We also help ensure its clients meet their legal obligations.

CCTV System Integration

CCTV Monitoring Service is operated and managed from Titan Global Security & Shipping Solutions’ 24 Hour Control Room where trained staffs are ready to respond to alarms. In the event of an incident or alarm activation, a detailed full report of the incident will be provided to you and a follow up service conducted to enhance and improve your security. Our trained staff can also operate from clients own control rooms to provide an in-house service which responds readily and immediately. The same level of service and professionalism will be provided which includes, but not limited to, a detailed full report of incidents and a follow up service conducted to enhance and improve the security. Having attained expertise across all types of electronic security, our systems can integrate with each other to form a robust system. Our CCTV System can be intelligently linked to other systems including:

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